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Master Your Life – April 2018

April 21, 2018 @ 10:00 am - April 22, 2018 @ 5:00 pm


I encourage you to take this unique opportunity to learn effective methods, tips, life-long skill, tools, and secrets on how to become the Master of your Mind and the Master of your Life.

During this weekend seminar designed to teach you how to Master your Mind and Life, I will guide you step-by-step through many exercises and techniques that are constructed for Personal-Development, Spiritual Growth, Self-Awareness, Peak Performance, Goal Setting, Law of Attraction and so much more.

This unique weekend seminar covers activities that can help you to move beyond the limitations of the mind and reach your Highest Potential
It is designed to enhance the quality of your life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Master Your Life Seminar can also act as guidance for teachers, guides, counselors, managers, life-coaches, and more as it is designed for powerful breakthroughs in many areas of life.
For example, many people struggle with identifying what they want in life or struggle to set goals, create effective easy to reach execution plans, move through blockages and reach success. Many find difficulty in creating momentum in life, sticking to their plans, adopting an attitude that is determined, persistent, and consistent. Many people have high levels of stress and struggle to maintain a positive mindset and outlook on life. Or maybe their self-talk is negative, they have negative thinking cycles or low self-belief. Maybe they battle to find balance in life, or complications with balancing work, family, and life. Maybe their issue is lack of love, financial freedom, health, time, confidence, happiness, lack of ideas or clarity. Whatever the issue is, Master Your Life Seminars are designed to teach you, step-by-step, how to Master Your Mind and Master Your Life.

During these weekend seminars you will learn how to:

Set goals (big or small)
Create effective easy to reach execution plans
Move through blockages
Reach success
Increase your energy for maximum achievement
Relax and be happy
Use the Law of Attraction to your advantage
Identify and remove harmful thinking patterns
Access your inner wisdom to take the right steps in life
Master your emotions
Boost your confidence
Manifest anything you want with ease
Identify limiting subconscious programs
Remove limiting subconscious programs
Re-program the subconscious for success

…all this and so much more.

Master Your Life Weekend Seminars have hosted every 3-months in Cyprus: January, April, July, and October. The purpose of regular seminars is to allow yourself to fully understand and work through the content provided, then implement those methods and techniques into your life in the real world, then allow yourself time to identify any challenges you may encounter after you leave the event.
And if you choose, you will attend ‘Master Your Life’ seminars again where Venetia will work with you to receive answers and knowledge as to why those challenges and difficulties are playing out in your life, as well as guide you through your challenges until you reach success.
And you will keep attending the seminars to continue moving to the next level in life until you eventually Master Your Mind and Master Your Life.
This is how it works, the more you seek answers and solutions in life, the more you will attend. The less help and guidance you require, the less you will attend. This is a plan that has been very carefully structured with 100% satisfactory results.
Therefore, it is important to take this opportunity and learn life-long skills and techniques on how to be, do, and have anything you want in life. Allow yourself to reach your best potential and become the person you love to be and deserve to be.


Q: What makes this event different from other events of its kind?

A: I have traveled around the world and learned from some of the worlds greatest authorities, as well as studied the work of great leaders such as Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Vitale of The Secret, David Snyder, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Vianna Stibal, Louise Hay, and more. Much of what I have learned throughout the course of my studies will be squeezed into this 2-day seminar – this saves you years of studies and tens of thousands of Euros.

Q: How do I know that the content of the event really works?

A: The level of your success depends entirely on you. Meaning, how well you implement into your life the information that will be shared. Furthermore, everything that I will teach during the course of this 2-day event is methods, exercises, tips, secrets, and life-long skills that I personally have used in my life. The content that I will share has been performed not only on myself but on a number of my clients with satisfactory results.

Q: What is the target audience for this event?

A: This event targets people that seek Self-Development, Spiritual Growth, Self-Awareness, Manifestations, Happiness, etc. It is for people with dreams and visions who wish to grow further. It is a positive environment where you can meet optimistic and likeminded individuals. Master Your Life Seminar is design to help you gain new ideas and take your visions to a whole new level, as well as learn how to effectively set and achieve your goals/ dreams/ aspirations with ease.

Q: Will I be comfortable in the event environment?

A: Excellent question! The event environment is constructed in such a way that you feel comfortable, welcomed, and confident enough to express yourselves (if you choose) without the fear of being judged or looked down on.

Q: How can I contact the organizer?

A: You can contact the organizer by

. Email: VenetiaInfo@gmail.com
. Social Media: Venetia Zannettis
. Phone: 97747276
. Website: www.VenetiaZannettis.Com

Q: Should I bring my printed ticket to the event?

A: Yes. This will prevent delays at the entrance.

Q: What is the best time to arrive at the event?

A: Arrive at the reception desk 30-minutes early to prevent traffic and delays.

What You Need to Know Before Attending:

During the event, we will provide you with a pen, notepad, and workbook. You will have three-four 15-minute breaks where we will offer tea, coffee, and cookies. And a 1 and a half hour lunch break where you can buy food from the hotel restaurant or from a number of other restaurants across the road from the hotel. Dress comfortably and bring with you a smile, determination, dedication, faith, and be open to new information and awareness.

More Info:

This is a place where you can also network and find the peer groups that can hold you accountable for your goals long after the event has ended.

I invite you to join me and together we can take a leap into a bright and prosperous future. I look forward to helping you transform your mind and life to increase your chances of success.


April 21, 2018 @ 10:00 am
April 22, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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Venetia Zannettis


Golden Bay Beach Hotel Dekelia Road, 7041, Larnaca, Cyprus
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