What Venetia Does

Venetia literally works to make you whole from an unbalanced life. She has mastered the art of stress reduction and relaxation, which is exceptionally vital to releasing the unconscious resistance that blocks you from reaching your dreams.

She helps clients identify and achieve their goals, as well as teaches methods to solving daily challenges from a different level of mind that created them in the first place.

Venetia works with her clients on a subconscious level to identify the ‘root cause’ of an issue, as opposed to working only on a superficial conscious level. If you are not satisfied in life, it is because your subconscious programs do not permit you to be happy. If you are not receiving the results we want, it is because you are programmed that way. If you struggle in life, it is because you have subconscious programs that support that struggle. Everything in your life is a result of your unconscious programs.

So, if you are wondering why you haven’t been successful in a specific area of your life? The answer is simple – your subconscious is playing all your limiting programs. And so, to succeed in life, you need to remove these programs and replace them with new ones that work for you, not against you. In other words, to make a profound, long-term change in the patterns playing in your life, you must change the paradigms you have in your subconscious mind. Strictly speaking, your key to prosperity is your mind itself, therefore, accessing your unconscious power and programming yourself for success is a must.

This is where Venetia can teach you techniques to speak the language of the subconscious mind allowing you to transform your old ways. A natural method based on changing the patterns of mental, emotional, and physical behavior. She shares tools that can help you get in control of your mind, your emotional state, and your life. Tools that allow you to change the coding of your system and stop undesired habits, attitudes, behaviors, and thinking patterns, as well as adopt new self-empowering ways.

What to Expect During a Consultation with Venetia

First, Venetia will help you to identify what exactly you wish to improve in your life. Then she will work with you to make the unconscious conscious so that you are fully aware of why your life is playing out the way it is.

Venetia will then guide you step-by-step through techniques and methods designed to comfortably and efficiently change or delete limiting beliefs systems and faulty subconscious programs that are the root cause of your issue. Self-sabotaging programs will be eliminated and replaced with self-strengthening programs that benefit you and enhance your life quality and support you in achieving any goal. By doing so, you will slowly begin to see new things, and opportunities show themselves to you as a sign that you are more aligned with your goals on a subconscious level, and not just on a conscious level.

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